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Let’s raise our glass to political photography!

The day after Greece has voted in a general election against austerity politics and to oust ‘the dictatorship of Angela Merkel’ as some Greek voters have proclaimed, the annual price for political photography in Germany, Rückblende 2014, has been awarded … Continue reading

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In defence of thorough interrogation! Reflections on the pitfalls of simple stories of good and evil, be they about North Korea or the Khmer Rouge

He was among the most famous refugees of our time, softly spoken, often with a shy smile: Shin Dong-hyuk, the thus far only survivor of one of the most notorious labour camps in North Korea. He was celebrated by human … Continue reading

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‘All you need is Ecuador’? Some reflections on the ethics of tourism and international volunteering in the wake of Charlie Hebdo

The weeks before and after the Charlie Hebdo attack I was in Ecuador, the smallest oil producing member of OPEC, a country where the (largely nationalised) oil sector accounts for a sizeable proportion of all export earnings and represents about … Continue reading

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