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The monster ‘we’ helped to create – as Britain is about to vote whether to bomb Syria we would do good to remember where so-called Islamic State came from

Get a coalition together and fight so-called Islamic State – conduct airstrikes against terror – since the attacks in Paris France has intensified its bombing raids against so-called Islamic State. Aux armes citoyens! La Grande Nation is at war, at … Continue reading

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The quest for solidarity in a fractured Europe II – in the aftermath of ‘Paris’

This blog has been re-published as a Manchester Policy blog, A few months ago I wrote a blog on the failed quest for solidarity in Europe in light of the contemporary movement of refugees and migrants. The main response … Continue reading

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Media reporting from the global fringes – observations from Eritrea and beyond

Over the last three decades or so, I often found myself in places, first in Nicaragua in the 1980s and then in the Horn of Africa, that I would not have recognized when listening to international media reports. Even in … Continue reading

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