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The borders that bind and divide: what future for hybrid identities in the times of Corona?

At a time when borders seem a key salient feature of our time, but perhaps that is what they have always been, two timely special issues came out recently in the exciting open access online borderlands journal, based on a … Continue reading

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Eritrean independence celebrations after the rapprochement with Ethiopia: plus ça change?

Fittingly, a few days since I returned from a visit to Eritrea that coincided with the 28th celebration of Eritrean independence on 24th May, an academic article I wrote in November 2018 about the rapprochement between Eritrea and Ethiopia has … Continue reading

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September 11th – what’s in a date? Remembering the victims of the Chilean dictatorship and celebrating peace in the Horn of Africa

September 11th has come to symbolise to most people in ‘Western’ countries if not globally the date of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and other buildings in the US by a group of terrorists in 2001, and has … Continue reading

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Solidarity in times of the Trump presidency: ways of telling counter-narratives and practice solidarity

The two days during which the G-7 leaders held a summit in Sicily, Italy, on the second day joined by the leaders of a number of African countries, I was in York at the inaugural conference of the University of … Continue reading

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The quest for solidarity in a fractured Europe

This blog was first publishes as a Manchester Policy Blog, see http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/featured/2015/06/the-quest-for-solidarity-in-a-fractured-europe/ World Refugee Day 2015, on 20 June, coincided with a huge anti-austerity demonstration in London. This was narrowly concerned with the specific politics on the British Isles – … Continue reading

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