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The true colours of Brexit: Back to the basics of creating a hostile environment – reminisces of a ‘queue-jumper’

I was almost feeling slightly sorry for Teresa May when she came back with the Brexit deal and got so much flag from all sides, remainers and leavers, within her own party and from all others. She had tried to … Continue reading

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Goodbye UK – and thank you for the music

Goodbye UK – and thank you for the music: this was this year’s title of a series of concerts that happen every summer in Berlin under the broad scheme ‘Water music’ – because the concerts take place every weekend for … Continue reading

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Reflections at the start of Refugee Week: The end of Europe as a community of values – not caused by Brexit but the journey of the Aquarius?

Remember 2015? Then, a perceived unprecedented number of refugees and migrants entered Europe, more than one million people according to available data, while almost 4000 drowned on their journeys. We saw long queues of people stranded at the borders of … Continue reading

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In light of the election victory of Victor Urbán: Post-socialist politics of solidarity revisited

In February 2008 I was invited to a curious event in Olomouc, in the Czech Republic. The event, entitled The relevance of research institutions to development cooperation, brought together academics from key institutions where Development Studies as a subject was … Continue reading

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Writing about Africa – in defence of more journalistic inspiration for academic writing

In a contribution for a book on Africa’s media image in the 21st century, Michela Wrong provides a strong defence of Western journalists writing about Africa. One of her expertly made arguments concerns the different roles academics and journalists may … Continue reading

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A generous offer or more smoke and mirrors? Brexit one year on

I really do not a want to write or think about Brexit again and again and again. But of course that will not be possible for a while to come. So a year ago today, I reflected on the ‘day … Continue reading

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My personal election day as a citizen without a vote – and its aftermath

The day of the election on 8 June I had to travel to Leeds. I thus passed ‘my’ polling station early in the morning, feeling reassured that some voters already went in and came out. As this is only theoretically … Continue reading

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