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The suppliant women and the perennial question: who will provide asylum and stand up for moral values?

A group of women form the shape of a boat – one of those boats we are used to see in media pictures these days, unseaworthy but still trying to cross the Mediterranean from Lybia or other North African countries … Continue reading

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Personal reflections on Brexit II on the day President Obama gave his farewell in Berlin

About a week after the second major political shock of the year 2016, first the Brexit vote in June that triggered my first personal reflection on the theme, followed by the election of Donald Trump as next US President, President … Continue reading

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The day after the day of the shock: Personal reflections of a EU citizen (still) working in the (still) UK (England) on Brexit

When you get an email from the vice chancellor of the academic institution where you work not to panic (not the exact words but the tenor) something seems to be seriously wrong. When you get the same email from another … Continue reading

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Out of Africa: Movements along the ‘back way’ from Gambia to Eritrea and the ‘capacity to aspire’

The second largest number of asylum seekers who landed on Italy’s coast in the first nine months of 2015 came from a small African country. It is a country with a big diaspora, with strong and long-established links with various … Continue reading

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The quest for solidarity in a fractured Europe II – in the aftermath of ‘Paris’

This blog has been re-published as a Manchester Policy blog, http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/posts/2015/11/the-quest-for-solidarity-in-a-fractured-europe-ii-in-the-aftermath-of-paris/ A few months ago I wrote a blog on the failed quest for solidarity in Europe in light of the contemporary movement of refugees and migrants. The main response … Continue reading

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Flight to the end of the road: The last journey of Walter Benjamin and what it might teach us about hospitality towards contemporary refugees

It has become a common trope to describe the current movement of people towards safety in Europe or other places as the biggest such movement since WW II. It thus seems pertinent to remember one of the poignant journeys of … Continue reading

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Sniffer dogs and fences to defend British holiday rights: visible symbols for the bankruptcy of British and EU refugee politics

Predictable and still shocking for anybody with a belief in humanitarian values: the so-called ‘Calais migrant crisis’ (note: in media on the continent the term refugee crisis dominates, but maybe even outlets like the BBC fear funding cuts and feel … Continue reading

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