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The politics of academic smear campaigns: reflections on a recent article about Eritrean trafficking networks in a Dutch newspaper

A few weeks ago I was asked by a journalist from the Volkskrant, a highly respected Dutch newspaper that I used to read when living in the Netherlands myself, to provide comments on the then still embargoed study on Eritrean … Continue reading

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The loss of ground truth – or: once upon a time in Adi Keih, Eritrea …

In an as yet unpublished piece of work, Mark Duffield from the aptly named Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol, explores several stages in the move away from fieldwork. Mark makes the point that fieldwork has moved from … Continue reading

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Blackmailed – How Solidarity Drowned in a Sea of Ice Buckets

In the last few weeks there was no escape from pictures showing friends and strangers from all wakes of life dumping buckets of ice-cold water on their heads. What on the surface is being marketed as a fun activity for … Continue reading

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