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‘Eritrea is moving backwards in many ways, but I will stay’: An alternative reading of personal experiences in Eritrea’s system of higher education

Last week a new Human Rights Watch Report on Eritrea came out, or, more specifically, a report on how indefinite conscription or national service restricts rights to education for young people. To anybody who knows Eritrea or Eritreans, the interview … Continue reading

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Political space in Eritrea and beyond or: ethical dilemmas in antagonistic settings

With the publication of my latest article on Eritrean issues, a piece of research I commented on in an earlier blog that reflected on it being rejected as a paper to be presented at the 2016 International Conference on Eritrean … Continue reading

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The politics of academic smear campaigns: reflections on a recent article about Eritrean trafficking networks in a Dutch newspaper

A few weeks ago I was asked by a journalist from the Volkskrant, a highly respected Dutch newspaper that I used to read when living in the Netherlands myself, to provide comments on the then still embargoed study on Eritrean … Continue reading

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Human rights as a political tool: Eritrea and the ‘crimes against humanity’ narrative

For those who follow the politics of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa, the verdict of the second report by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights in Eritrea (COI), that Eritrea has indeed committed crimes against humanity in … Continue reading

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Wind turbines and a wink at human rights: Angela Merkel welcomes al-Sisi

Quite unprecedented scenes took place at a German press conference on Wednesday 3 June when Angela Merkel and her foreign visitor, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, appeared in front of the media. Already a first glance at the various media … Continue reading

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Would the 99% please stand up against ‘free’ schools! What has become of education as a human right – instead of a middle class playing ground that ultimately cements social inequalities?

Some words suggest states of affairs that it is hard to be ‘against’ as the linguistic term used to describe them evokes undisputed goods. One such term in recent policy debates in the United Kingdom are the so-called ‘free’ schools … Continue reading

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In defence of thorough interrogation! Reflections on the pitfalls of simple stories of good and evil, be they about North Korea or the Khmer Rouge

He was among the most famous refugees of our time, softly spoken, often with a shy smile: Shin Dong-hyuk, the thus far only survivor of one of the most notorious labour camps in North Korea. He was celebrated by human … Continue reading

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