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Who are the martyrs, the villains, the heroes and does it matter? Reflections on the snipers from the Maidan and the disintegration of Ukraine

On the day when yet another ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk with respect to the armed conflict in Ukraine, it seems appropriate to remember that day almost a year ago when things began to spiral out of control. It … Continue reading

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‘All you need is Ecuador’? Some reflections on the ethics of tourism and international volunteering in the wake of Charlie Hebdo

The weeks before and after the Charlie Hebdo attack I was in Ecuador, the smallest oil producing member of OPEC, a country where the (largely nationalised) oil sector accounts for a sizeable proportion of all export earnings and represents about … Continue reading

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‘But my trip is still not over, because I don’t get the rights I am entitled to’ – what the row over a Country-of-Origin-Report on Eritrea reveals about human rights politics

A country of origin report on Eritrea produced by the Danish Immigration Service has led to a war of words in the media and on various internet platforms. To be sure, the report is of shockingly bad quality and little … Continue reading

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Blackmailed – How Solidarity Drowned in a Sea of Ice Buckets

In the last few weeks there was no escape from pictures showing friends and strangers from all wakes of life dumping buckets of ice-cold water on their heads. What on the surface is being marketed as a fun activity for … Continue reading

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‘I dream about those German sausages’

The above sentence was the message I received the other day from a Facebook-friend, together with a black and white photograph showing some African kids in a classroom with a tall, Germanic looking woman-teacher, and some German sentences on the … Continue reading

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