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Recall the Nobel Peace Prize 2009! Or: Find, Fix, Finish – The ‘Assassination Complex’

Who does not remember the time when President Obama was elected and finally inaugurated on 20 January 2009? I happened to be in Uganda on fieldwork with a group of Masters students in International Development at the University of Manchester. … Continue reading

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Give me the money, now! But what will happen tomorrow? Ebola as a symbol for the ‘moral bankruptcy of capitalism’

Speaking about one of the latest current global humanitarian crises, the Ebola epidemic in (mainly) Western Africa, Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children is on the BBC flagship radio four Today Programme demanding ‘urgent action’. He continues to … Continue reading

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The loss of ground truth – or: once upon a time in Adi Keih, Eritrea …

In an as yet unpublished piece of work, Mark Duffield from the aptly named Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol, explores several stages in the move away from fieldwork. Mark makes the point that fieldwork has moved from … Continue reading

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