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‘OUR FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS’ – of climate protest and peace

For a year from now, Austrian parliamentarians when they make their way to the chamber will have to pass a photograph that should make each of them choke – even though the chances that it will are probably slim. Each … Continue reading

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‘Eritrea is moving backwards in many ways, but I will stay’: An alternative reading of personal experiences in Eritrea’s system of higher education

Last week a new Human Rights Watch Report on Eritrea came out, or, more specifically, a report on how indefinite conscription or national service restricts rights to education for young people. To anybody who knows Eritrea or Eritreans, the interview … Continue reading

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The Two-Percent and the Hundred-Percent – Eritrean global networks and their discontents

On a late morning in May 2019 a fancy tour bus stops in front of a new laboratory building in Mai Nefhi, a higher education campus a short ride from the Eritrean capital Asmara. A group of young, fashionably-dressed diaspora … Continue reading

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Eritrean independence celebrations after the rapprochement with Ethiopia: plus ça change?

Fittingly, a few days since I returned from a visit to Eritrea that coincided with the 28th celebration of Eritrean independence on 24th May, an academic article I wrote in November 2018 about the rapprochement between Eritrea and Ethiopia has … Continue reading

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Revisiting the ICC indictment against Al Bashir in the wake of the current protest movements in Sudan

Since January 2019, Sudan has seen protests in different parts of he country that quickly moved from anger at worsening economic and social conditions to the demand of regime change and free elections. It was initially met with brute force … Continue reading

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Academic publishing in the times of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and questions of social responsibility and accountability

In the month when all so-called ‘research-active’ staff at the UKs leading universities are being asked to update their yearly REF profiles, meaning the publications they propose to be submitted to the Research Excellence Framework, the quality of which ultimately … Continue reading

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The true colours of Brexit: Back to the basics of creating a hostile environment – reminisces of a ‘queue-jumper’

I was almost feeling slightly sorry for Teresa May when she came back with the Brexit deal and got so much flag from all sides, remainers and leavers, within her own party and from all others. She had tried to … Continue reading

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