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‘Eritrea is moving backwards in many ways, but I will stay’: An alternative reading of personal experiences in Eritrea’s system of higher education

Last week a new Human Rights Watch Report on Eritrea came out, or, more specifically, a report on how indefinite conscription or national service restricts rights to education for young people. To anybody who knows Eritrea or Eritreans, the interview … Continue reading

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From ‘international scholar’ to ‘so-called expert’? – Reflections on the second International Conference on Eritrean Studies in Asmara

A few days ago, a little after midnight, once everybody had finished their work-shift, a group of young women and a few men gathered for an elaborated coffee ceremony in the Eritrean capital Asmara. They were joyful, giggled, showed around … Continue reading

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Rethinking national duty in Eritrea: After 18 months – set them free!

As I am preparing a keynote speech on Geopolitics, Betrayals and Narratives of Oppression: Understanding Eritrean Foreign Policy in the wider context of the Horn of Africa to be given at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of … Continue reading

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