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‘Famine’ in Ethiopia – and ‘Foreigners’ there to help?

A day before I will board a flight to Addis Ababa, partly to attend the bi-annual World Conference on Humanitarian Studies organised for the 4th time by the International Humanitarian Studies Association, Ethiopia is in the news again for not-yet … Continue reading

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Visual politics in action: How the image of a dead boy on a beach did little to change foreign policy or attitudes towards refugees

A few iconic images have shaped responses to humanitarian disaster and war. Who does not remember the naked girl in Vietnam, running away from a Napalm attack – captured by Associated Press photographer Huynh Cong Ut on 8 June 1972 … Continue reading

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From Band Aid to South Sudan: Celebrity-humanitarians, ‘Common–sense humanitarianism’ and the lasting legacies of a BBC broadcast

It is the 23rd of October 1984. BBC television shows the first of a series of broadcasts from Korem, a hamlet in Ethiopia presented as the epicentre of the famine that grips the country. For those of a certain generation, … Continue reading

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